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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Card (2016)

Hope Your Holidays Are Action-Packed!

Christmas Card (2015)


I just realized that I never posted our 2015 Christmas card. Here it is.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Frank Collages

015 (2016) ‘Guardian’

Back in December of 2015 I started messing around with collages. It was fun and kind therapeutic so I kept doing them. After making a dozen or so I started a Tumblr site to showcase my work. A fair amount of time and energy goes into each of them, researching images, Photoshopping, and I have other projects that demand my time so I set a goal to make 100 collages. Seven months after creating my first collage I hit 100 and that was that.

Here’s a sampling of my collages…

046 (2016) ‘Pod’
004 (2015) ‘Jump The Sharks’
054 (2016) ‘Harvest’
078 (2016)Time’
017 (2016) ‘Action Adventure’
018 (2016) ‘Research’
059 (2016) ‘Fantastical’
061 (2016) ‘Adam & Eve’
100 (2016) ‘Abbey’

There’s 90 more where that came from. Check them out at