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Monday, January 5, 2015

Franklin Mint - Contact (2014)

For all intents and purposes this here collection of glorified demos is my solo album. 18 years in the making! I wrote these songs between 1996 and 2002, but only started recording them since 2005, on again, off again (mostly off). Five of the songs were uploaded to a myspace page back in 2008, but I remixed them for this release. The rest of the songs have been left in different states of unfinished until now.

These songs would've been Jagunda songs if I could've kept that band going, but that wasn't in the cards. There's still a few more songs from the '96-'02 batch not represented here. Some I haven't recorded yet and some I did record but aren't worth sharing.

Hope you like it.

[DOWNLOAD] Franklin Mint - Contact (2014)
01- Blast Off For Kicksville
02- Get To It
03- Shadow of a Doubt
04- On The Brink
05- Positive Affirmation
06- The Man With The Bag-O-Cans
07- No End
08- Gimme Five (I’m Alive)
09- Change Your Ways
10- Cruisin'
11- Rock 'N' Roll Son
12- Dig Deep

Here's a few of the songs to sample...

"Blast Off For Kicksville"

"Shadow of a Doubt"

"Positive Affirmation"

"Change Your Ways"