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Friday, October 4, 2013

KISS Expo 2013

Last year I took Casey and Chloe to the NJ KISS Expo (here's a photo, and another), so now I'm on the mailing list. When I got a postcard promoting the 2013 event I showed it to the kids. Of course they wanted to go...I raised them right.

Like last year, there were a lot of vendors selling KISS memorabilia. Casey, Chloe and I were all kids in a candy store.

We got there around 3pm because Casey had gymnastics practice in the morning, so we missed the Q&A session with Tommy Thayer. I'm not a fan of Tommy but I was curious if any of the fans would get on his case about being an Ace impostor. From what I read, the crowd was cordial.

But we did get there in time for the Q&A with Lydia Criss (Peter's ex-wife). She also has a book for sale. She really had nothing new to share.

A KISS tribute band (KISS Nation) played throughout the day. They usually do the whole makeup thing but today they were "Unmasked and Unplugged". Casey really liked them, especially the guy playing the Paul Stanley role. He did sound a lot like Paul.

Our haul (below). Both kids got Gene dolls. Casey got the Psycho Circus Paul action figure. Chloe got the Paul Stanley car. I got the Super Teen Special magazine from 1977.

Casey and Chloe already informed me that we're going to next year's KISS Expo. Fine by me.