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Friday, May 17, 2013

South Oaks - EP (2013)

In January 2012, I reunited the Barking Spiders just to record our old songs properly (read about Barking Spiders - Fresh For The Kill here). It was a pleasant enough experience that we decided to work on some new material to record. But given that we all live in different parts of two states, we opted to work on the songs via email. Kevin and Jim would share bass tracks and I'd share guitar tracks and from there we built upon the songs, emailing back and forth.

Eight months later, of on and off work, we had composed 5 original songs and 1 cover (Funkadelic's "Super Stupid"). 6 songs felt about right to go back to our friend Steve Johnson's studio (My Low Studio) and commit them to hard drive. No practice beforehand, just straight to record. I went back a few weeks later to overdub some guitar solos and Jim went back to redo some vocals, then we mixed it.

Being that 20+ years had past since we last wrote music together, we no longer sounded like Barking Spiders. So we changed our name to South Oaks (a mental institution near our hometown). On February 12th, 2013, we released our self-titled EP. The artwork is from a painting I made of Jim, back in 1989.

[DOWNLOAD] South Oaks - South Oaks EP (2013)
01- Ghost Dream
02- Jaws of Life
03- Eulogy For A Cowboy
04- You've Never Suffered
05- Modern Clown
06- Super Stupid (Funkadelic cover)

And to coincide with the EP release, I cut a video for each song…

"Ghost Dream"

"Jaws of Life"

"Eulogy For A Cowboy"

"You've Never Suffered"

"Modern Clown"

"Super Stupid" (Funkadelic cover)

You can also download the EP at the South Oaks bandcamp page.

Jim Burns - vocals
Frank Fusco - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums

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