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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Hurroween! (2012)

See what I did there with the header? I combined Hurricane with Halloween. Get it? Anyway…my kids weren't going to let Hurricane Sandy ruin their Halloween, power or no power. Even though Governor Chris Christie canceled it, we went ahead and trick-or-treated on the 31st anyway. Who needs electricity? Actually, my neighborhood wasn't hit too hard – except for knocking out the power, which we still don't have – so all the kids were out there wearing their costumes knocking on doors.

Casey with Gene impersonator.
As you can see my kids were Gene Simmons and Peter Criss of KISS! I know you all think I forced them into it but it was actually Chloe's idea. It's no secret I've been raising them as KISS fans, but it's escalated within the past couple of months. It started when we went to a KISS Expo (with special guest Peter Criss) in September. Then we went to see KISS in concert (read about that here). A couple of weeks ago we met Ace Frehley at the Chiller Theatre Expo (read about that here). My kids have seen KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK more times than I have. Nowadays, we can't go for a ride in the car without them asking to listen to the KISS playlist.

Proud Dad at the KISS Expo.

Chloe, especially, is obsessed with KISS – more specifically, Peter Criss, the Cat Man. There's Peter Criss drawings scattered all around my house...

Sometimes she even throws in a Gene Simmons, complete with spewing blood (but she always asks me for help with his eye makeup)…

And sometimes Casey joins in. Here's his drawing of all four members of KISS...

So it's no surprise Chloe wanted to be Peter Criss for Halloween. At first Casey wasn't sure what he wanted to be, but when Chloe's costume came in the mail and he saw how cool it was, he decided he wanted to be Gene Simmons, so I ordered another costume. Casey then had the idea that the whole family should dress as KISS for Halloween. We totally planned to, too. Kim was going to be Paul Stanley and I was going to be Ace Frehley. But the thought of washing off all that face makeup with ice cold water (again, no electricity thanks to Sandy), Kim and I decided not to dress up. Luckily, I had painted up a couple of masks for the kids – we were going to use them for their school parades – so we didn't have to paint their faces.

Here's a few more Halloween photos…

Happy Hurroween!

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