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Friday, September 7, 2012

Dwight Gooden's No Hitter (5/14/96)

One more Yankees story… On May 14th, 1996, I got a call from my friend Vic (a NYC cop). He asked if I wanted to go to the Yankees game that night. I really didn't want to but he was persistent. He said we'll get bleacher seats, where all the nut jobs hang out, and that Dwight Gooden was pitching. I was a fan of Gooden during my one year of being a Mets fan, 1986 – the year they won the World Series – so I caved in.

The Yankees were playing the Seattle Mariners that night and it wasn't till the sixth inning that we realized that no one had a hit off of Dwight yet. The nut jobs in the bleachers around us also noticed. The next three innings were crazy. The fans were on the edge of their seats. And when the last batter popped out to Jeter, the stadium went bananas. People were screaming in the streets, on the verge of riot. I jumped on the subway back home, glad that Vic twisted my arm.

Side story… 14 years later I got my morning paper (back when the New York Post was 50¢, I can't bring myself to pay a $1.00 for it these days), and on the front cover was my friend Vic, subduing a crazed fan at Yankee Stadium (that's him on the right)! Apparently, this lunatic was jealous that A-Rod was dating Cameron Diaz, so he tried to attack him on the field. But Vic saved the day.

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