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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toyota + Eli Manning/Mark Sanchez (2011)

For the most recent Great Time To Sign Toyota spots we used a new director, Richard Farmer. Simon McQuoid, who directed that last two rounds, had a previous commitment. I'd say they're pretty seamless from year to year. And always fun to work on.






"Cover Jinx"

"Flag Football"


Here's some photos…

Great Time To Sign crew: Ari Bazinsky, Joao Martins, David Gerard, Frank Fusco,
Mariam Farooq, Eli Manning, Tim Leake, Rick Rosenberg, Richard Farmer.

Great Time To Sign crew: Tim Leake, Richard Farmer, Frank Fusco, Matt Caltabiano, Mark Sanchez,
Mariam Farooq, Joao Martins, Rick Rosenberg, David Gerard, Ari Bazinsky, Chance Mullen.

This is funny… My cousin's son, Justin, is a big Jets fan so I told him I'd get Mark to sign something. I thought having Mark sign a storyboard would be pretty unique. So I submitted the "Replay" storyboard along with everybody else's paraphernalia – Mark and Eli had about 100 items each to sign. Somewhere there was a mix up and Mark's storyboard wound up in Eli's pile….and Eli signed it! It reminded me of a Simpsons episode where Comic Book Guy had a priceless photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore. I eventually got Mark to sign another one. Here they are…

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