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Monday, November 28, 2011

Toyota + Eli Manning/Chad Pennington (2005)

In 2005, the New York Toyota Dealer Association signed sponsorship contracts with the Jets and Giants quarterbacks (Chad Pennington and Eli Manning). At the time we were running a campaign about Toyota having a large selection of vehicles – "With 17 Models To Choose From, Which Toyota Is Perfect For You?" – so we figured we'd continue it with Chad and Eli. (It was a lame strategy but that's what we had to work with.) We came up with the "New Yorkers Like Choice" campaign, where Chad and Eli compete over football fans allegiances.

"Welcome Wagon"

"Paint Swatch"

Here's some photos…

"New Yorkers Like Choice" creatives: Frank Fusco, Jonathan Pepoon, Scott Niemczura, Tim Leake.

Worst video village ever!

We shot "Paint Swatch" in a hardware store somewhere upstate, NY. The locals found out.

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