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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toyota + Eli Manning (2008)

Chad Pennington was on the disabled list (and soon to be traded), so for the second round of Toyota/Football spots we worked solely with Eli Manning. Eli had just won the Super Bowl the season before so he was now a star, though he didn't act like it. He's really a nice guy.

We ditched the "New Yorkers Like Choice" strategy for "A Great Time To Sign". This time the campaign was set inside a Toyota dealership, each time Eli signing the dotted line for a new vehicle. We also used a three-camera setup, which allowed us to shoot 6 spots in a day.


"Chest Bump"

"Paper Football"

"Fantasy Football"

"Used To Play"


Here's some photos…

On set: Eli, myself and director Simon McQuiod (seated).

Eli and Chance Mullen.

Video village.

Me and Chance.

Toyota/Eli Manning creative team:
Salina Cole, Camilla Secher, Tim Leake, Katie Jensen, Frank Fusco, Bernadette Coughlin.

A few weeks after the shoot Eli came to Saatchi for a small interactive shoot, plus a signing session.
Here he is signing my son's football.

Eli checking out the rough cuts.

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