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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween (2011)

It's been a week since Halloween and we're still gorging ourselves with candy. This year I decided to dress up with the kids…mainly because I found a cool jacket at H&M that looks like the one worn by Patrick McGoohan in The Prisoner. I'm sure no one in my neighborhood got the reference, but my dad did. Kim didn't have a costume so I convinced her to wear the purple wig made famous by Fifi Von Vixen in the TEAM 12 movies I made with the kids. Chloe went as Red from the Hoodwinked movies (NOT your average Little Red Riding Hood) and Casey went as Sin Cara, the WWE wrestler.

Casey is really into wrestling these days. For his 6th birthday I took him to see it live at The Staples Center and I bought him a Sin Cara mask. So of course he wanted to be Sin Cara for Halloween. We enlisted the help of grandma (my mother) to make the rest of the costume. Back when my sister and I were kids my mother used to make us some pretty cool costumes. Below is a clipping from 1981, when we were winners at our school's Halloween parade. My sister was Holly Hobby, I was Death.

Here's some more Halloween photos…

And here's the jack-o'-lantern we carved this year...

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