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Monday, August 29, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Night Hunter: Hunter Of The Night (2011)

When I was my son's age my favorite TV show was Sid and Marty Krofft's Land of the Lost. I now have the entire series on DVD and introduced the show to my kids (for a while it was the only show Chloe ever wanted to watch). In 2009 they remade Land of the Lost as a movie, starring Will Ferrell, and they began selling Sleestak masks. I, of course, bought one.

My Sleestak head now sits on a shelf in my basement staring at me while I work. Through some sort of mind control it commanded me to make a Fusco Family Film with it. My mind was week so I succumbed to it's demand.

My son, Casey, plays the Night Hunter. The Night Hunter hunts at night – hence the name – protecting civilization from the Night Creatures. It's like the song says…"The freaks come out at night". Only these freaks are not out to party…more like a dinner party.

To play the part of the Night Creatures I got Kim's cousin Michael. (You may remember him from a music video I shot in 2004.) With a little editing trickery I gave the allusion that there are many Night Creatures. That's another similarity between Night Hunter and Land of the Lost. Did you know you'll never see more than three Sleestaks in any given scene from Land of the Lost? That's because the Krofft brothers only made three costumes – presumably for budgetary reasons. Now you know.

So say your prayers, let the sands of sleep embrace you and dream those pleasant dreams, because rest assured, the Night Hunter will not rest until mankind is off the menu.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Demolition Derby (8/19/11)

Every August we go upstate New York to celebrate my dad's birthday. And every year we go to the county fair. For the past three years we've also gotten tickets to see the Demolition Derby at the fair. Casey loves it. Chloe...likes it. It's a little noisy for her so she winds up clenched to my arm for a majority of the show. But she likes it.

One of the derby cars was stashed near my dad's house.

Monday, August 22, 2011

World War One (1978)

A while back I shared a book I made in 1978 – The Devils Lived Book (here). Here's another book I made the same year, although the term "book" is kind of stretching it. It was more of a series of drawings with a World War I theme. I then bound the pages together using that red and white string you find in a bakery, but have since cut the strings off.

It may not be historically correct – there were no surface-to-air missiles used in World War I – but it shows some creative technique for a 7 year old. I especially like how I dirtied up my fingers with a charcoal stick to create the smoke from explosions.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

ambibat - "Prowling The Midnight Walker" (2004)

Here's a video I made in 2004 for a song I recorded with ambibat – from our album Fresh Blood (here).

Starring Michael Garetano
Directed & Edited by Frank Fusco

Frank Fusco - guitar, electronics
Chris Altenhoff - bass, electronics
Doug Walker - arp odyssey
Blaise Siwula - laptop

Friday, August 12, 2011

"Sabotage" Sabotaged!

I uploaded my version of "Sabotage" to YouTube a year ago. It got over 10,000 views. Of course I used the Beastie Boys song even though I didn't own the copyright. It was just a homage to the band and the video and I wasn't making any money off of it.

So when the Beastie Boys started their "Make Some Noise" site I submitted it. It got over 3,000 more views. Then a representative from the Beastie Boys contacted me saying they "loved" the video and sent me some cool stuff in the mail (read about it here). Awesome!

A month after that the video is blocked by UMPG Publishing/EMI. That's the man for ya.

(Pssst…you can still view the video on Vimeo.)

Monday, August 8, 2011

TEAM 12.2: The Double Double-Cross of the Dorchester Diamond (2011)

When I finished the first TEAM 12 movie (here) I had lots of people tell me I should make a sequel. I told them they were all nuts because doing it again might very well give me a heart attack – the process of directing 12 kids within a limited time frame is very stressful. Well a year went by and here I am premiering the sequel. Time heals all wounds. Obviously I love doing this stuff or I wouldn't be doing it.

We shot TEAM 12.2 on July 10th, exactly a year to the day we filmed the first TEAM 12 (ElaineFifi Von Vixen – brought that to my attention). Again, it was stressful wrangling the kids. Forget about continuity between shots, the order in which the kids are standing changes from scene to scene. But they were all into reprising their roles and I believe they had fun, even though the script I wrote was overly ambitious for a days shoot. I tend to do that.

There are a few surprises in this episode. Among them, you'll find out how Drop Kick and Death From Below got their names and we introduce a new villain, played by Dave Jemmott. Dave would've been in the first TEAM 12 movie, but he had to work. (Dave and Elaine were dating at the time, now they're married, note her name change.) It turned out for the better though, because Dave nails the role of Sir Charles Billingsworth.

The part I get the most satisfaction from editing the TEAM 12 movies is choosing the music. I have a rather large collection of movie soundtracks and library music from the '60s and '70s, so getting the chance to dip into it is fun. I love finding the right piece of music that punctuates actions within a scene, as if it was scored specifically for it. (The photo on the right is The Death From Below Singers.)

I hope you all enjoy TEAM 12.2: The Double Double-Cross of the Dorchester Diamond. I already have an idea for TEAM 12.3. Yes, I'm a glutton for punishment.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Yankees Legends

Sometimes working in the ad business has it's perks – like scoring Yankees Legend Suite tickets. This is the second year I got tickets. Last year I brought Casey (photo right: holding a game ball – his very first game ever) and Kim's cousins, Matt and Mike. This year I brought Kim and Chloe along with Casey.

What makes Legend Suite tickets cool, besides being amazing seats, are all the extra free amenities. All the food and drink are free! That includes dining at the Legends Suite Club, which offers À La Carte and performance-cooking stations. Plus you have private restrooms…much cleaner.

We got to the game a little early to take advantage of the Legends Suite Club dining. The concierge sat us next to Steve Schirripa and his family. You may remember Steve as Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri from The Sopranos. (And a few seats behind Steve was Ron Howard.) The tables were pretty close to each other so we were practically eating with the Schirripa's. At one point Casey was eyeing Steve's daughter's french fries so Steve offered some to him. I later told Casey who he was.

(My attempt at taking an inconspicuous photo of Casey and Bobby 'Bacala'.)

(Another attempt at taking an inconspicuous photo, this time of Ron Howard. A little blurry. He's the one with the hat…duh.)

After dining we ventured to the field. As you leave The Legends Club you pass a wall of candy and goodies, free for the taking. We took.

Our seats were pretty awesome, a few rows off of third base. Better seats than Bobby 'Bacala'. He was in the next row over. The Jumbo-Tron also informed us that Harry Belafonte was in attendance, too (I only mention this as a bit of foreshadowing).

The kids ate themselves silly. (Ice Cream, Kit Kats, Crunch Bars, Twix Bars, Gummi Bears, Swedish Fish, Ring Pops, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Potato Chips, Churros and soda, lots of soda.)

I guess I should talk about the game. It too was awesome. The Yankees scored 12 runs in the first inning! By the time we decided to leave – the 8th inning – the Yankees were beating the Orioles 17 to 2.

Before we left the suite area we made sure the kids went to the bathroom for the ride home. When Casey and I entered the bathroom all the adult-sized urinals were free but an old man was just stepping up the the kid-sized urinal. Out of all the free urinals he chose the kids one! I told Casey to wait behind the man for his turn. It was Harry Belafonte.

Thanks Saatchi & Saatchi.