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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


When I was 16 I started learning how to play the guitar. I was partly inspired to learn after seeing The Intellectuals (photo right) perform on a couple of occasions. The Intellectuals were four guys/friends in my class who, for the most part, played '60s garage rock cover tunes, but they had a few originals, too.

The Intellectuals guitarist, Joe, invited me to his house one day to jam. He showed me how to play "Purple Haze", and a song he wrote called "Stoked" – a hardcore skateboard anthem. Joe said the next time The Intellectuals played La Serayña – a local teen hangout – he'd invite me onstage to play it with them. The Intellectuals were cool like that, having guest musicians/singers.

On May 22, 1987, The Intellectuals had a show at La Serayña and I was invited onstage to play "Stoked". Joe switched over to bass, leaving me with full guitar duties. I'd only just begun to learn the instrument and I'd never played with a full band, let alone in front of a crowd, so I was pretty nervous. The whole experience flew by so fast. It felt like it was over in a minute – mainly because the song was only a minute long – but from then on I was hooked. I enjoyed playing music with a band in front of an audience.

All I needed now was a band.

The Intellectuals (w/ Frank Fusco) - "Stoked" @ La Serayña (5/22/87)

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