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Friday, June 24, 2011

Jagunda (2001-2002)

I had been playing improvised music with ambibat and FrankenHöff since 1996 and I was jonesing to rock out again. So I wrote a few songs and enlisted some old friends to help record them (Jim Burns, Kevin Purcell and Joe Kollar).

At first I entertained having two basses (Jim had been dabbling with the bass), but I still didn't have a drummer. Jim stepped up and said he'd give it a go. As long as I've known Jim he's always been playing drums on everything around him (ie: school desk, his knees, steering wheel), but I've never actually seen him behind a kit. Even when we were in the Barking Spiders I never really saw him behind the drum least not seriously. But he wailed.

We narrowed down my potential songs and worked on four of them. The guys also decided to use stage names for the project – they had their street cred to protect – so I used my Franklin Mint handle which Kevin gave me many moons ago. When I felt comfortable we had the songs down pat I booked some studio time and this is what we captured...


"Me & My Ego"

"Chill Out"

"Happy Birthday"

After recording the four songs I asked the guys to improvise something in the key of "E" – before dismantling our gear. Joe doesn't do the improv thing so he packed up while Kevin, Jim and I went nuts. I overdubbed a bunch of guitars and actually made a song out of it. To me it has a Butthole Surfers vibe to it so I called it "Surfin'".


You can also download the EP below...

[DOWNLOAD] Jagunda (2002)
1- 2099
2- Me & My Ego
3- Chill Out
4- Happy Birthday
5- Surfin'

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