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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FrankenHöff (1998-2001)

During our years in ambibat (last post), Eric and I would often get together to do some 4-track recordings as a duo. It was still improv but it leaned more towards the ambient than ambibat. As FrankenHöff – that's what we called ourselves – Eric and I played a few shows at ABC No-Rio and Spiral.

In 2000, Eric and I decided to take FrankenHöff into the studio. For the recording we recruited Chris Altenhoff (ambibat bassist) – his last name has "hoff" in it so it's all good. As a trio we recorded a few hours of improvisations on the sci-fi tip.

As I was listening back to the tapes during the next few weeks a story began to take shape in my head. I figured if we took a passage here, a section there, record some extra layers, add some found sound, and piece them together, it could play like a soundtrack to a lost sci-fi film. In the end, FrankenHöff Battle To Save The World And The Girl, Too! turned out to be a pretty cool recording.

Here's a few cuts from FrankenHöff Battle To Save The World And The Girl, Too! Some are edits because the songs are pretty long. Like this first one, it's just the ending to track "I"...

"I" (The Dawn of a New Day)

Track "II" is basically two tracks strung together so here there are separated...

"II" (The Search for a Female Specimen...The Unsuspecting Town of Bellmore)

"II" (The Abduction)

Track "III" I decided to leave in it's entirety because it works best that way...

"III" (Trapped in the Prison Cell of the Overlord...The Escape...Send Our Fleet A Flyin')

Track "IV" is also in it's entirety, it's a short one...

"IV" (Theme from Battle To Save The World And The Girl, Too!)

You can also download the whole album below...

[DOWNLOAD] FrankenHöff - Battle To Save The World And The Girl, Too! (2000)
01- I
02- II
03- III
04- IV

Frank Fusco - guitar, turntable/tape deck/radio, electronics
Eric Hoffman - synthesizer, drums, electronics
Chris Altenhoff - bass, arp odyssey, electronics

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