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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simmons' Meteor

This is my bootleg KISS album signed by Gene Simmons. I bought the album back in 1987 when my friends and I hopped the train to NYC to hit some record stores. (I also bought a bootleg of Gene and Paul's first band, Wicked Lester, that day, too.) Simmons' Meteor is basically a live performance from San Francisco in 1977 and it's got a lot of "Hello San Francisco!" Paul-isms. The sound quality isn't the greatest but it's listenable. How I came to get it signed is another story...

My sister was working at Court TV when Gene Simmons was pitching a show there. She knew he was coming in so she offered me the chance to get something signed. I knew out of all my KISS paraphernalia it had to be Simmons' Meteor. I bet it's the only signed copy in the world. When Kathy – my sister – asked Gene to sign it he took one look at it and gave her a "What's this?" reaction. He told her the album was illegal and made without his permission but agreed to sign it only if she'd kiss him on the cheek. Kathy came through for me.

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