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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love (1998)

Thirteen years ago today, Kim and I got married! Happy Anniversary Kim!! To document our wedding day we hired a photographer and videographer from a small business on Staten Island. Big mistake. The photographer they assigned us was pedestrian at best and the videographer was the owners goof-off brother. But the price was right.

The one thing we found intriguing about the video part was that the guy offered to film us walking through a park a few weeks prior to the wedding. He said it's a nice way to start the video – a lead-in to the actual wedding. I asked, rather than just have us walking around, could we film a little story? He was cool with it. After all, they wanted our money. So I wrote a little story, with John Lennon's "Love" as the soundtrack.

We shot the short film and the wedding ceremony/reception and we waited and waited for our video. We got the photography part of our package in reasonable time – though we weren't too happy with how they came out – but a year had past and we still didn't have our video. The guy always had some sort of an excuse. When we finally got the video, I realized how much of a hack he really was.

Besides having no compositional skills, he had no editing skills. In fact, I don't believe he had editing equipment. I think he did the old two VCR dubbing technique because the tape-to-tape generation loss was visible and the edits were just off. For example, the scene where the two of us are running in slow motion toward each other with open arms... the reveal is that we were actually running towards a hot dog cart, not each other (yes, it's a stupid joke). He has us eating the hot dogs but he butchered the shot of us reaching the cart. He cut out early! So it doesn't make sense!! I guess you get what you pay for.

Anyway, I trimmed the fat and re-cut the short film – with the available footage I had to work with – and got it to a place I feel is satisfactory.

Love you Kim!

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