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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"At The (Bronx) Zoo"

The kids were off from school last week so I took off, too. On Wednesday we planned a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Wednesdays are "pay what you'd like" at the zoo so it attracts all types of people who wish to take advantage of a cheap deal. In other words, the whole place becomes a zoo. I donated $20 for my family, which I felt was fair, but they don't clearly tell you at the door that there are many exhibits within the park they charge extra for. If I'd known that I would've just paid for all the extras.

Of course I brought my video camera along. I thought it would be cool to cut our Bronx Zoo footage to "At The Zoo" by Simon & Garfunkel – obvious choice. If you know the song then you know they start listing a bunch of animals toward the end. So I figured I'll make sure to film those particular animals to cut to. But I ran into a couple of snags. I couldn't get shots of an elephant or an orangutan! The section of the zoo with the elephants was closed and I couldn't find an orangutan anywhere – maybe they're part of the paid exhibits we didn't go to? So I had to get a little creative in those sections of the video.

And I have a bone to pick with Paul Simon. The second to last animal he lists is pigeons. Out of all the exotic animals the zoo has to offer he picks pigeons? They're not even a real attraction! You may find pigeons at the zoo but they're not part of an exhibit, they're found scrounging for scraps at the food court!! That's just lazy writing Paul!!!

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