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Friday, April 29, 2011

Staten Island Zoo (6/29/07)

Editing the Bronx Zoo video (yesterday's post) reminded me of a video I made in 2007, of our trip to the Staten Island Zoo. Chloe was just a month old and still in a BabyBjörn. Time flies.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

"At The (Bronx) Zoo"

The kids were off from school last week so I took off, too. On Wednesday we planned a trip to the Bronx Zoo. Wednesdays are "pay what you'd like" at the zoo so it attracts all types of people who wish to take advantage of a cheap deal. In other words, the whole place becomes a zoo. I donated $20 for my family, which I felt was fair, but they don't clearly tell you at the door that there are many exhibits within the park they charge extra for. If I'd known that I would've just paid for all the extras.

Of course I brought my video camera along. I thought it would be cool to cut our Bronx Zoo footage to "At The Zoo" by Simon & Garfunkel – obvious choice. If you know the song then you know they start listing a bunch of animals toward the end. So I figured I'll make sure to film those particular animals to cut to. But I ran into a couple of snags. I couldn't get shots of an elephant or an orangutan! The section of the zoo with the elephants was closed and I couldn't find an orangutan anywhere – maybe they're part of the paid exhibits we didn't go to? So I had to get a little creative in those sections of the video.

And I have a bone to pick with Paul Simon. The second to last animal he lists is pigeons. Out of all the exotic animals the zoo has to offer he picks pigeons? They're not even a real attraction! You may find pigeons at the zoo but they're not part of an exhibit, they're found scrounging for scraps at the food court!! That's just lazy writing Paul!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life After Santa - Dancer's Story

Meet Dancer the Reindeer. With a name like this, it was meant to be. After St. Nick traded in his sleigh for a Toyota Prius, Dancer has been following his true calling...the art of dance.

Dancer has a website...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life After Santa - Prancer's Story

In the market for a new home? Meet Prancer the Reindeer. She's now a realtor. After all, she's landed on millions of homes through the years – except the naughty ones – so she knows a thing or two about real estate. And thanks to Santa buying a Toyota Prius, Prancer can now provide her knowledge to all the grown up boys and girls.

Prancer's website may be under construction but your dream home is fully built and waiting for you!...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Man Cave

Ever wonder what it's like to be in my head? Here's your answer. Welcome to the wacky world of Frank. When Kim and I bought our house (last post) it was agreed that I'd have full control of the basement – which I basically turned into a museum of '70s pop culture. Not sure she knew exactly what I had in mind.

I like having my "stuff" around me when I'm being creative. It feeds me.

My Evel Knievel, Six Million Dollar Man, and KISS pinball machine back-glasses.
To me, that's art.

Some signed paraphernalia (Gene Simmons, Bill Murray, Davy Jones, Tom Wopat, Lee Majors, Scatman Crothers, Linda Harrison).

I built this shelving unit with my dad. What you see here is just the tip of my collection. I've got books full of CDs and DVDs.

I like Sesame Street.

The view from the cockpit.

It's not a total dictatorship when it comes to the basement. Kim has a corner.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Most people celebrate April 15th as the day their taxes are due. But for Kim and I it's also the day we closed on our house – back in 2005. It was the end of a year long process for us because we bought our house before it was built.

K. Hovnanian was about to build a new development in Old Bridge, NJ and were selling homes based on specs and artist representations. Since we were getting in on the ground floor – literally – the price was right. After the homes were built the prices jumped nearly 100,000k.

We chose a house in a cul-de-sac with a backyard connecting to a forest – a conservation easement – so we'd never have to worry about neighbors. Every few weeks Kim and I would drive to Old Bridge from our Manhattan apartment to see the progression of our house.

April 15th, 2005, it was ours to move in to. We took that "American Gothic" photo (above) and sent it to family and friends with our new address. We also shot a little video, letting people know we moved...

Did you happen to see the two Toyota billboards in the video? Mine.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Started my morning with a big bowl of Frosted Flakes. Still my favorite breakfast cereal out there. Sometime in the late 70's Kellogg's was having a contest – of sort – who could draw the best Tony the Tiger. Above was my submission. Never submitted it...for some reason.