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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Devils Lived Book (1978)

A while back I shared some of my early childhood art (here). This is the first book I ever wrote and illustrated, The Devils Lived Book. I was 7 so the plot is pretty thin (perhaps non-existent) and there's grammatical errors everywhere.

"The devils are killing the man."
(You'll notice throughout this book that I constantly write, erase, and rewrite my sentences for some reason.)

"The two soldiers ares trying to kill the devils."
(I told you there's grammatical errors. On this page you'll notice the devils live human heads...and watch their own version of Tom & Jerry on TV.)

"This is your news reporter the devils are killing the men."

"The devil is trying to Blow the tires."
(I remember my dad drew the car for me. Not sure why I had asked for help.)

"The devils are eating dinner."
"The two devils are sending There robots after the man."
(The devils are very crafty when it comes to killing humans.)

"The Soldiers are is trying to kill the devils."
"The devils are gating killed."
(Flying sharks?)

A rather abrupt ending. I guess the flying sharks saved mankind.

Many years later I used the illustrations from this book on various flyers and cassette tapes for my band ambibat.

Still got some more childhood illustrations to come...

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