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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life After Santa - Blitzen's Story

For almost 200 years, Blitzen was at the back of Santa's sleigh, delivering gifts to good little children everywhere. Then Santa bought a Toyota Prius, freeing his flying reindeer to pursue other interests. Today, Blitzen's up front, singing for his garage/glam/metal/punk band Blitzenkrieg, delivering the good gift of power chords.

Santa gets a Prius and Blitzen gets a band – looks like they've both gone electric.

To break the illusion just a bit... When we were creating the various reindeer characters, Blitzen is the one that spoke to me most. Being a musician myself, I borrowed a little from my musical past here and there. Blitzen needed a song to represent him so I dusted off an old track I recorded in 2007 – Blast Off For Kicksville – and rewrote the lyrics. When Blitzen (Ryan Shams) came in for his interview we had him lay down vocals to the newly titled song: Rein Supreme.

Here's the original Franklin Mint version – Blast Off For Kicksville

And here's the Blitzenkrieg version – Rein Supreme

We wanted to get some footage of Blitzenkrieg in concert so we planned to hijack the Saatchi & Saatchi holiday party for a staged performance – captive audience. All we needed was Blitzen's band. It was about a week from the party – short notice – so I called upon my friends Eric and Dave to play drums and bass, and I took the role of guitarist. I sent them an mp3 of the track to learn but being the holidays, there was no time to jam before the big show. I did however swing by Dave's apartment one night to work out the song's parts. The only time we did play the song as a band prior to the show was about 15 minutes before the party, during the sound check. It was a little rough but's punk rock.

If you'd like to see the whole performance of Blitzenkrieg playing Rein Supreme, check out the official website...

And whaddaya know... Blitzenkrieg also has a myspace page!...

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  1. Stumbled across this by doing a google search for Santa in a toyota. Awesome Blog. Made me laugh my ass off.