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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comet and Blitzen go to the Jets Rally (1/15/11)

The Greater New York Toyota Dealers are large sponsors of the New York Jets, so when the Jets made the playoffs we thought it would be a good opportunity for our "Life After Santa" reindeer to mix it up with some real New Yorkers – at the Jets Rally before the Jets vs. Patriots game. We chose Blitzen (who's now a musician) and Comet (who plans to run for MTA Chief) as our reindeer. The Jets were accommodating as long as we followed a couple of ground rules.

1.) Blitzen could not mention the name of his band: Blitzenkrieg. You know...because of the World War II association. Even though a very common football play, a "blitz", is directly taken from Blitzkrieg, the German strategy of "Lightning War".

2.) Comet couldn't mention anything about the MTA or that he was running for office of any kind. So he was pretty much stripped of his character and was back to just being one of Santa's reindeer.

It was a lot of fun running around the field of the New Meadowlands and perhaps some of the reindeer magic rubbed off, because the Jets beat the Patriots 28 to 21. Guess we should've shown up to the second rally, before the Steelers game.

Fun Fact: Comet is #5 and Blitzen is #8 because that's their positions in Santa's line-up on the sleigh
(according to Twas the Night Before Christmas).

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