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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Barking Spider Christmas (1988)

To help get you in the Christmas spirit I present the very first movie I ever made… A Barking Spider Christmas. Starring my high school band, Barking Spiders, it was our take on the old Andy Williams/Perry Como type Christmas specials. We all wore sweaters, performed "Jingle Bells", exchanged gifts, sang Christmas carols with friends, and Santa even dropped by for a visit…literally.

A Barking Spider Christmas started with a loose script and was largely improvised as the camera rolled...which shows. And without access to editing equipment – this was 1988 after all – it was shot in sequence using only first-takes...which also shows. Like I said, this was our first attempt at movie making.

To clue you in on a couple of the inside jokes during the movie…

  1. The character Dirt, in the faux Budweiser commercial, is from the fictitious underground art band, Meat. (A side project consisting of 3/4 of the Barking Spiders.)
  2. Kevin's bass amp was on the fritz so it constantly made farting noises...all day long. Hence the line…"and a Fender amp that farts all day!", during "The 12 Days Of Christmas".

Here we are sitting down to watch A Barking Spider Christmas directly after filming it...

Below is a documentary looking back on the making of A Barking Spider Christmas – some 15 years later – with the original cast, including Mr. Rice our high school teacher whose classroom the movie premiered in.

A Barking Spider Christmas (1988)


Jim Burns as Jim Bones
Frank Fusco as The Lovely Frank
Kevin Purcell as Kevo
John Hoffman as Johnny Stitches
Joe Kollar as Santa
Plus a cast of thousands

Directed by Joe Kollar & Frank Fusco

©1988 Bubjunior Productions

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