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Friday, October 29, 2010

Nude and Dismembered (1989)

"Blood and guts never tasted so funny." - Satan

In honor of Halloween, here's a movie I made with some friends during our senior year of high school (1989). We were taking a media class studying the works of Alfred Hitchcock so we thought it would be fun to make our own horror/suspense film – although ours borrowed more from schlocky B-movies, which we were also fans of. Video cameras and editing equipment were not readily available to an 18 year old kid back then so the movie was shot in sequence using only first-takes – mistakes and all. When we finally finished NUDE AND DISMEMBERED we premiered it in the media class from which it was inspired.


Steve Zielinski as The Evil One
Kevin Purcell as Noxious
Joe Kollar as The Voice of Satan

Directed by Frank Fusco & Joe Kollar

©1989 Bubjunior Productions

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