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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Earl vs. Billy (2003)

Above and below are scenes that were cut from Bellmore: The Unscene (yesterday's post). Actually, they're more than just scenes, they represent a whole story line that unfortunately wound up on the cutting room floor.

Although 4/6ths of Earl Pickens and The Black Mountain Marauders were originally from Bellmore, they were no longer based there...and they were a country band compared to all the other punk bands profiled. After showing a very early (and very long) rough cut to Billy Kelly (a.k.a. Earl Pickens), he felt his story didn't fit in with the rest of documentary. He was right and I knew it but I needed him to tell me. It was a hard decision to cut them out...glad he made it for me.

Filming the "Earl vs. Billy" scenes was the first time I dabbled with a split screen technique – which is why I'm sharing these today. My next two posts will also be split screen videos I made. Again with Billy...oddly enough.

Until then, check out more of "Earl vs. Billy", as they continue to duke it out...

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