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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bellmore: The Unscene (2003)

In 2001, I decided to make a documentary on the music scene (and friends) from my hometown of Bellmore, Long Island. Two years later I finished it. If I knew it was going to take that long I may not have started. But in the end, I'm happy I did. Won a couple of festival awards, too.

I finally got around to uploading Bellmore: The Unscene in it's entirety to the web (above). And below is a trailer I made for it. (The trailer's video quality is pretty poor because I uploaded it to YouTube four years ago before I knew what I was doing...and I don't want to start over again with zero views.)

Bellmore: The Unscene (trailer)

If you still want to know more about Bellmore's "Unscene", then check out the other blog I'm concurrently working on. It dives much deeper into the history.

Directed by Frank Fusco
Produced by Jim Muscarella
©2003 Hi-Tide Pictures

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