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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Card (2016)

Hope Your Holidays Are Action-Packed!

Christmas Card (2015)


I just realized that I never posted our 2015 Christmas card. Here it is.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Frank Collages

015 (2016) ‘Guardian’

Back in December of 2015 I started messing around with collages. It was fun and kind therapeutic so I kept doing them. After making a dozen or so I started a Tumblr site to showcase my work. A fair amount of time and energy goes into each of them, researching images, Photoshopping, and I have other projects that demand my time so I set a goal to make 100 collages. Seven months after creating my first collage I hit 100 and that was that.

Here’s a sampling of my collages…

046 (2016) ‘Pod’
004 (2015) ‘Jump The Sharks’
054 (2016) ‘Harvest’
078 (2016)Time’
017 (2016) ‘Action Adventure’
018 (2016) ‘Research’
059 (2016) ‘Fantastical’
061 (2016) ‘Adam & Eve’
100 (2016) ‘Abbey’

There’s 90 more where that came from. Check them out at

Monday, October 12, 2015

South Oaks - ( ( ( transmissions ) ) ) - (Sep. 2015)

This project actually started a year ago when we were asked to contribute a song for a Long Island band compilation. We went into My Low Studio in September of 2014 and recorded “Planet X”. A year later, the comp still hasn’t seen the light of day so we included it on this release. 

Eric Hoffman was the drummer on “Planet X”, but our schedule of getting together once a year proved to be too demanding so he bowed out for the ( ( ( transmissions ) ) ) session. His logical replacement was Steve Johnson. Steve was already our engineer (and owner of My Low Studios) and probably our biggest fan. Plus…he’s a pretty good drummer to boot.

For the most part, the songs on ( ( ( transmissions ) ) ) are in keeping with the traditional South Oaks sound. Two songs, though, are a bit of a departure...or break new ground (however you choose to see it). Reflection On The Sea” is kind of pop oriented…sad pop, that is. It’s a little out of our comfort zone but yet it totally sounds like us. Our last outing had “Echoes of Laughter”, which was also a departure, so maybe that’s our thing.

The other new-type of song is “APOLLO IV”, a bass solo (essentially). Jim brought that one to the table and he’s also the performer. It’s named after his Apollo IV bass, which he composed it on and only feels comfortable playing it on. The thing is, the electronics inside the bass stopped working a while ago so we were forced to record it with a mic, acoustically. Alone, it was a little compromised sonically and didn’t sound like the rest of the album. But then we added some atmospheric noise in the background and it just gelled – that electro/acoustic thing.

My opinion; this is our strongest recording yet. But, then again, I always fall in love the the last thing I worked on.

You can download ( ( ( transmissions ) ) ) for FREE at our bandcamp page or by clicking the link below…

01- APOLLO IV (†)
02- Planet X *
03- Last Laugh
04- Sword of Damocles
05- Belief
06- Reflection On The Sea
07- Grand Design
08- Forever and Ever After That

We always like to celebrate our new releases with a video for each song. Here they are…


"Planet X"

"Last Laugh"

"Sword of Damocles"


"Reflection On The Sea"

"Grand Design"

"Forever and Ever After That"

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Jim Burns - vocals
Frank Fusco - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
Steve Johnson - drums 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Franklin Mint - Contact (2014)

For all intents and purposes this here collection of glorified demos is my solo album. 18 years in the making! I wrote these songs between 1996 and 2002, but only started recording them since 2005, on again, off again (mostly off). Five of the songs were uploaded to a myspace page back in 2008, but I remixed them for this release. The rest of the songs have been left in different states of unfinished until now.

These songs would've been Jagunda songs if I could've kept that band going, but that wasn't in the cards. There's still a few more songs from the '96-'02 batch not represented here. Some I haven't recorded yet and some I did record but aren't worth sharing.

Hope you like it.

[DOWNLOAD] Franklin Mint - Contact (2014)
01- Blast Off For Kicksville
02- Get To It
03- Shadow of a Doubt
04- On The Brink
05- Positive Affirmation
06- The Man With The Bag-O-Cans
07- No End
08- Gimme Five (I’m Alive)
09- Change Your Ways
10- Cruisin'
11- Rock 'N' Roll Son
12- Dig Deep

Here's a few of the songs to sample...

"Blast Off For Kicksville"

"Shadow of a Doubt"

"Positive Affirmation"

"Change Your Ways"

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 Christmas Card


Happy Holidays!
Hope You Get Everything
Yo Asked For!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

South Oaks - and of tomorrow… (May 2014)

We had fun recording the last EP so we did it again. Jim, Kevin and I each contributed two songs and we worked on them via email – because we live too far from each other. Once we added our own parts and got them in a good place we went back to our friend Steve Johnson's studio (My Low Studio). Again, like last time, we didn't practice beforehand, just straight to record. We recorded the basic tracks live, then I went back for some guitar overdubs and Jim went back for final vocals.

[DOWNLOAD] South Oaks - and of tomorrow… (2014)
01- Keep Your Judgment Day
02- When Humans Roamed The Earth
03- Halo of Stars
04- See With My Hands
05- Echoes of Laughter
06- Free To Follow

And to coincide with the EP release, I cut a video for each song…

"Keep Your Judgment Day"

"When Humans Roamed The Earth"

"Halo of Stars"

"See With My Hands"

"Echoes of Laughter"

"Free To Follow"

You can also download and of tomorrow… free at the South Oaks bandcamp page.

Jim Burns - vocals
Frank Fusco - guitar
Kevin Purcell - bass
Eric Hoffman - drums